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Uncle Morty and Horble

We are here for your entertainment!

If we make you laugh, then we're doing our job right!

If we make you think, that's just a side effect.

We Created a Monster

Monsters Unbound began with a simple idea by writer Mark Adam Kaplan for a children's book called "Monsters Do Ugly Things" (But... Monsters do pretty things, too.)"

The book is a fun way to teach children appropriate social skills.

Mark contacted his longtime friend Glenn Scano and asked if he was interested in illustrating a picture book for children. Having wanted to do something like this for years, Glenn said “YES.”

Many ideas were tossed around and many drawings were tossed aside because they didn't quite belong in this book. This gave rise to plans for more books in the future.

While showing the sketches to friends, Glenn's friend Jim asked if the monsters had names "because kids will pick their favorite monster and want to know all about it." Glenn had already named several of them and had made a list of about 300 more potential names.

When Glenn told Mark about this, Mark's idea factory went into overdrive! Mark soon started creating an activity book and writing stories involving some of the monsters. The idea for "Early Reader" stories soon grew into plans for short animations or "webisodes."

Mark is now overseeing the production of our first short animation "Mott's Lost Toy," working with animators, voice & Foley artists and a composer. A lot of work goes into a short animation. Now, Mark has an idea for a feature length film.

Meanwhile, while Mark dreams up new ideas, Glenn is busy working on the next book and designing and maintaining this website.

Who We Are

It's really none of your business, but we'll tell you a little bit about us, anyway.

Mark and Glenn both grew up in New York City and have known each other since 1976. Their friendship started when Mark made a snap about the way Glenn’s hair was parted and Glenn made a snap back about Mark’s hair. You should see the long and shaggy monstrous hair they both have today.

Mark is a writer and a teacher, now living in California with his wife and two daughters.

Glenn is an artist, still living in New York City with his wife, a bulldog, a pug and a cat. Glenn's love for monsters and humor are what drive him in his creations for Monsters Unbound. When Glenn isn't drawing monsters, he's busy designing and developing websites and restoring his small Victorian home.

About Our Monsters

Monsters have friends.

Our monsters are planning global domination!

But they need help from humans like you.

(Our monsters aren't very smart.)

About Monsterland

Monsters live in our world, but they live in the unseen parts of it where people don't often look (sewers, tunnels, woods, caves, junkyards, under bridges, up on mountains or hills, garbage dumps, garages, abandoned buildings, lakes, deserts, oceans, attics, chimneys, cellars, elevator shafts, up in trees, etc.).
So... They are all around us. We're just too busy to notice them until they choose to interact with us.

About Monsters

Monsters are rude!
Monsters are crude!
Monsters are dirty!
Monsters are greedy!
Monsters are nasty!
Monsters are smelly!
Monsters are bullies!
Monsters don't own nice things.
Some monsters are aliens
(or is it the other way around?).
Some monsters even have jobs
(one works for us).

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