Monsters Unbound


Greetings monster lovers ages 4 to 400.
Our monsters are guaranteed to make you smile.
Maybe even laugh out loud.


MONSTERS DO UGLY THINGS (But... Monsters do pretty things, too.), written by Mark Adam Kaplan and illustrated by Glenn Scano, is a picture book featuring fun ways to look at appropriate social skills. The color picture book is available in all eReader formats.

Reviews of our eBook, Monsters Do Ugly Things:

Shannon Yarbrough at

"I fully admit I laughed out loud and said a few "awes" while reading it."
"Monsters Do Ugly Things is a great way to share the digital reading experience with the young ones in your household."
"I know I will be reading it again and again when I need a smile or a good laugh."

Rick Rhodes at

"I’d say this is appropriate for the younger set, though it does feature monsters, none of the illustrations are set to frighten, but rather to cause fits of giggles. Pick this up for the child in your life, and take some time to read it with them. You’ll create a great memory that they’ll carry throughout their lifetime." More

Tracy Farnsworth at

"I'd peg this as a useful tool for helping a child who is learning to read."
"The illustrations by Glenn Scano are bright and colorful. His monsters are often silly, rarely creepy or scary, so don't be worried about them frightening your young reader."

Joy Hannabass at

"Monsters Do Ugly Things by Mark Adam Kaplan, and illustrated by Glenn Scano is a book that you will want to have in your child’s library. And I would highly recommend it for school libraries everywhere. We truly need more valuable books like this precious little monster book." More

Diane Donovan at

"MONSTERS DO UGLY THINGS is the perfect item of choice for parents seeking something different for the very young."
"A 'must' for any parent seeking an easy read-aloud, digital picture book for bedtime!"
"[It] offers hilarious scenarios kids and adults will appreciate."

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